Japanese Club

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Staff Sponsor: Satoko Fisher

Purpose: The purpose of the Japanese Club is to enhance awareness of the Japanese language and culture, while providing service for and increasing appreciation of the multicultural community.  Anyone can become a member by paying a one time $5 due at any club meeting.

Pictured: Nadine Franklin, Shruti Kansara, Jonathan Harrington, Sam Gamble, Mhyatmon Payesone


2011 - 2012 Officers:

President: Jonathan Harrington

Vice President: Leonel Lemus

Secretary:  Katherine Arana

Treasurer:  Yanick Colon

Historian: Amber McCloskey


We meet every other Tuesday after school in room 604 (2:40-3:40).

Students can see our meeting schedules and activities at:

Pictured: Carla Rodriguez, Urielle Blanchard

Pictured: Presenter Lars Perez, and student Briayan Oliveras (student in a hat, far side)

Pictured: Beatriz Concha, Jonathan Harrignton, Brandon Dong, Sam Gamble, Yanick Colon

Pictured: Manuel Jimenez


Upcoming Events:

1.  Three Japanese professional origami artists are visiting our Japanese students on January 31.  They will domonstrate how to create different figuers out of papers and also teach our students how to make them!

2.  Our annual Japan Immersion Day is coming up soon!  We will start our big event with Fushudaiko consert at 9:00 a.m. in our auditorium.  We have a motivational speaker this year, and she will share how she accomplised to learn different languages.  We offer a variety of workshops such as Anime, origami, sushi, calligraphy, etc.  Please register for this event with Mrs. Fisher room 604.  Parents and teachers are free.  Japanese Club members:  $10 and non- members $15