Principal's Message

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It is an honor and privilege to be the principal of Western High School.

We will address every action with “thoughtful urgency” to assist each student to achieve at the highest level possible. To accomplish this we promote students challenging themselves, enrolling and succeeding in increasingly rigorous coursework and to tap into each student’s intellectual curiosity.

Every possible Advanced Placement course will be offered.  We are expanding our dual enrollment program, increasing college credit opportunities both on and off campus.  We offer career technical programs so students can earn credentials preparing them to enter challenging careers, such as marketing, engineering and health occupations.

The students at Western will engage in distance learning opportunities, partnering and collaborating with schools, businesses and municipalities within Broward County, nationally and internationally.  These efforts include accelerating our technology applications to mirror the working environments students will encounter soon after graduating, helping them to prepare for the competitive careers of their choice.

It is my contention and commitment to address and support six pillars of   high school learning for all students; intellectual understanding, literacy in all content areas, aesthetic appreciation and experience, the ability to effectively communicate ideas through both the written and verbal word, understanding the ever expanding world students will encounter and kinesthetic learning

Western High School is becoming a learning community using cutting edge methodology, modalities and technology at every opportunity and in every venue, creating a school of the future.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts about Western High School and invite you to join our SAC, SAF and PTSA. Please visit our website often for events, achievements and important dates.



David K. Jones