Service Hours

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Service Learning Requirements/ Student Volunteer Service Program

  • Students are REQUIRED to complete 40 services hours to graduate.
  • The purpose of the Service Learning Graduation Requirement and the Student Volunteer Service Program is to acquaint high school students with the need to become a participant of change by providing service to both their school and community.
  • Service Learning is defined as: An educational method which allows students to learn skills of civil participation and develops an ethic of service and civic responsibility through active participation in service that is conducted in and meets the needs of the community.
  • Students can provide service in the community on a voluntary basis to public, nonprofit agencies, civic, charitable and governmental organizations and school campus.

Community Service Application and Approval Forms

  • Students should see the Student Volunteer Service Program Coordinator at their school for the appropriate service hour forms.  
    Student should not just go to a site and work for hours. The service site or organization must be approved and specific paperwork must be submitted.  Not all projects undertaken by school clubs and organizations count for service hours and could be rejected.
  • It is recommended that students speak with the appropriate person at their individual school for approval of community sites/organization and service hour forms BEFORE completing the hours.

Program overview

Service Hours Approval Form (must be submitted and approved before hours are earned)

Service Hours Log Sheet


Visit the links below for service opportunities:

Visit the link below for volunteer opportunities in Broward County.

October 1st, 2011 Volunteer Expo Flyer

Become an Animal Care Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Broward County Animal Care and Adoption and lending a hand to help a needy paw. Your service will greatly benefit our shelter guests. The volunteer program offers opportunities for you to help our community’s dogs and cats in unique and special ways.  Click for more information!!


Boys and Girls Club

HERE for more information!