HOSA wins at competition

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Recently HOSA competed against other HOSA clubs in the county. They made Western High look awesome!!

Western High Penny War Champion for 2011-2012 school year for JDRF!

Dental Terminology: Doraluz Saldarriaga (3rd place) Noelle AMador (5th place)
Medical Math: Asaf Avramovich (4th place)
Medical Spelling: Jyothy Thomas (1st place)
Pathophysiology: Arianne Serrano (1st place)
CPR/First Aid: Rana Allam/ Taylor Oullette (2nd place), Patrick Funderburk/ Peter Kim (3rd place)
Public Service Announcement: Sami Boulger/Sara Gallant/Ally Simons (1st place)
Sports Medicine: Andres Guerrero (1st place), Kayla fried (4th place), Amanda Furar (5th place)
Researched Persuasive Speaking: Danny Caballero
Nurse Assisting: Priscilla Millares (1st place)
Extemperaneous Writing: Christian Prada (4th place) Kayla Roof (5th place)
Community Awareness: Ariel Sabti/Danni Ospina/Makayla Halamoutis/Ashley Costales (4th place)
Creative problem Solving: Amanda Friedman, Doraluz Saldarriaga, Kayla Roof (1st place)
Forensic Medicine: Erin Cope/Liza Bushak (2nd place)
Healthy Lifestyle: Jen Candela
Biomedical Debate: Alexa Shirinian/Madison Kneale/Sammi Goggin/Stephanie Swindling
Health Education: Mariana Velasquez/Litvia Joseph (1st place), Maria Villanueva/ Stephanie Tavarez/Alyssa Brewer (2nd Place)
Cert: Alberto Alvarez/Alex Medoff, Noelle Amadoe/Ashley Wolf, Kasey Lobue/Alyssa Fino

1st place Medical Spelling Jyothy Thomas

1st place Medical Spelling Jyothy Thomas

Nurse Assisting 1st place Priscilla Millares

Forensic Medicine 2nd place: Erin Cope and Liza Bushak

1st place Creative Problem Solving
Kayla Roof, Doraluz Saldarriaga and Amanda Friedman