Flavors of India

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The Flavors of India Club is a fun and interesting club that attracts many types of people.  It is an enriching club that will open one’s mind to all the cultural beauties of India.  Everyone is welcome to join as it is not only for those of Indian background.  All we ask is, upon your arrival, that you please bring a $5 dollar membership due.

Our officers are:

  • President:  Divya Philip
  • Vice President:  Jyothy Thomas
  • Secretary:  Paul Norman
  • Treasurer:  Shana Devasia
  • Historian:  Chamine Robinc
  • Sponsor:  Ms. Wojcik

We meet every Wednesday in Room 1356 from 2:45 to 3:45. We plan to begin selling chocolates and designing and applying Henna tattoos on students to raise money for future educational field trips.  We are also starting a Bollywood Dance group.  We watch Bollywood movies once a month and will be participating in events with other cultural clubs.  As our club grows we will add other activities, like Indian cuisine! We started our club this year and we hope that many will come and join us as we enjoy The Flavors of India!