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The purpose of our group is to find students that enjoy working with young children and are interested in a career in education.  Anyone can become a member; the only requirements to join are a desire to help others, time to volunteer and a five dollar club fee.

FFEA Officers:

President -  Kassandra Ruiz

Vice president - Michelle Roopchand

Recording secretary – Leonel Lemus

Treasure – Karla Leon

Historian – Ashley Wolf

Committee Chair Person for Membership – Lindsay Gonshank

Committee Chair Person for Teen Trend Setters – Kaela Oliveri

Committee Chair Person for Rallies and Fundraisers – Samantha Butt

Volunteer Chair Person – Olga Flores

Felid Trip Committee Chair Person – David Van Doren


Our meetings are held on Monday’s in room 316 (Mrs. Schneck’s room) from 2:45-3:15pm

Our upcoming project will be conducted during Teacher Appreciation Week. FFEA is planning to give a small gift to each faculty member and teacher in an effort to show our appreciation for their hard work. Our upcoming field trip is to the FFEA convention. Our club members will meet with other FFEA organizations and participate in a variety of workshops designed to help better our performance in leadership and in other fundraising activities. Any seniors in the club must also attend a very special assembly to receive awards and scholarships.

Our club has raised awareness for several causes such as the homeless and under privileged children. We also collected and donated food, clothing and any other necessary items to Haiti after the devastating earthquake. In addition, we had several members join a new organization called Destination Diploma. We are one of the 5 schools in the county that helped the school board develop the program designed to encourage seniors to graduate from High school.

We practice the character traits necessary to be successful in society. All members are encouraged to develop an appreciation for the many gifts that every person possesses, the differences in others, successful leadership skills and a willingness to help make our world a better place for our children.