National Honor Society

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Staff Sponsor: Kristine Frailing

Purpose: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character

2011-2012 Officers:

Kristine Obenour, President
Simon Ko, Vice President
Vencut Viewly, Treasurer
Shana Fielding, Historian
Amal Bhullar, Historian
Hadar Arazi, District Liason
Stephanie Swindling, Correspondance Secretary
Adriana Castenda, Recording Secretary

Meetings: First Monday of the month

Membership Requirements: Minimum unweighted GPA of 3.5, 60 community service hourse per year

Accomplishments/Awards/Recognition: Last Year, Michelle-Taylor Sherwin was an 'Arts for the Future Scholarship" winner.  Only 50 graduating seniors receive this scholarship from Broward County every year.