The Harvest Drive Thanks You!

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The Harvest Drive organizers would like to thank the following for helping with the 2011 Harvest Drive:

- Western Administration and Staff

- All Western Clubs and Sponsors - for their volunteer time and support

- James Gooze and his "Harvest Team" at Weston Commons Publix

- Volunteer efforts of The Weston Rotary

- Harvest Cafe - Hosted by Western PTSA

- The Dagen Family

- Costco


The Harvest Drive incorporates all aspects of philanthropy by promoting the concept of children and adults working
hand-in-hand to offer needy families in Broward County gifts of food and other necessities during the Thanksgiving holidays. Children Helping Children is our motto with Harvest Drive. We believe educating children and creating a consciousness about the needs of their community; promoting altruism and giving them the opportunity to help others are the cornerstone of our program.

President: Kara Bradley
Vice President: Megan O'Neill
Treasurer: Ashley Boulier
Secretary: Jenna Shinn
Historian: Andres Lozano
Events/Fundraising: Lauren Mazzoleni
Parliamentarian: Sharene Abouhana

2011 Harvest Drive Flyer