Advanced Placement Summer Work

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The following Advanced Placement courses have summer work.


AP Art

AP Art - 2D

AP Art - 2D Supplies

AP Art - 3D

AP Art - 3D Supplies


AP Biology

Students are able to access the textbook via BEEP.

AP Biology Summer Assignment

AP Biology Ecosystems Grading Rubric

AP Biology Deadlines


AP Calculus AB or BC

AP Calculus AB - 1

AP Calculus AB - 2

AP Calculus AB - 3

AP Calculus AB - 4

AP Calculus AB - 5

AP Calculus BC - 1

AP Calculus BC - 2

AP Calculus BC - 3

AP Calculus BC - 4

AP Calculus BC - 5

AP Calculus BC - 6

AP Calculus BC - 7


AP Chemistry

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1.    Download outlines and printout for Chapters 1-4, and significant figures notes    
from the AP Chem page at
2.    Review using corresponding chapter powerpoints for Chapters 1-4
3.    Review Honors chemistry topics at
4.    Memorize symbols of 50 elements their charges as ions and  polyatomic ions for
quiz week one
5.    Practice interactive web quizzes from
for Chapters 1,2 and printout
6.    Read Supplementary Study Guide Chapters 1-4-(may sign out for the summer)
Review by doing some of the practice problem
7.    Complete summer assignment by second day of class
Princeton review book-
Read pages 1-27, answer pages 29-33
Read pages 61-69, answer pages 70-74
Read pages 285-298
Summer assignment practice-print out worksheets
online at    Weiss, AP chemistry website
answer pages #1-12, 15, 17-45,53-54
save rest for later if you can’t understand material


AP European History


AP Human Geography

AP Human Geography - 1

AP Human Geography - 2


AP Language

AP Language


AP Literature

The books are How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey


AP Psychology

AP Psychology


AP Statistics

Assignments, note-taking guides, power-point lectures and worksheets will be sent to AP Statistics students via e-mail.  I will need a valid e-mail address for each of you.


I do not require a specific AP Study Guide book but previous students have found the summaries in 5 Steps to a 5 are better than other books.  The multiple choice and practice tests in the Barron's book are highly rated.  We will also do practice in class.


For the summer assignment this year, instead of a worksheet packet or reading a book, I would like you to watch the TED TALKS in the link below.  We will discuss these at the beginning of the school year.

Have a great summer.  If you have questions over the summer, do not hesitate to e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


AP World History

Students will need to purchase the text, "The World that Trade Created: Society, Culture, and the World Economy 1400-present" by Kenneth Pomeranz and Steven Topik in order to complete the assignment.




AP World History