SAT/ACT Testing Dates

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College Admission Testing

  • Standardized tests (SAT & ACT) provide colleges with a common measure to help them make admission decisions. Additionally, they are one indicator on a student's readiness to do college-level work. Test scores may also be used as a criteria for awarding merit-based financial aid.
  • The vast majority of higher education institutes accept both the SAT and the ACT for college admission and regard them as equally valid.
  • When students should take (or re-take) the ACT or SAT or both, depends on the students' goals, weather it be individual college requirements, college placement, and/or Bright Futures Scholarship eligibility. It is best for students to allow enough time to re-take a test if necessary.
  • Students register through the College Board or ACT web sites.
  • Fee waivers are available for students who are eligile for free or reduced lunch. Students may request fee waivers in the BRACE Office.
  • CEEB Code or a 6-digit high school code for WESTERN HIGH SCHOOL is 100-476