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October 2007
Body Words

We know that visual has to do with the eyes, and auditory with the ears. But what part of the body is involved with genuflect? What is the location of a plantar wart? Where does a visceral feeling come from? This month we will deal with “body” vocabulary - words having to do with different parts or functions of the body.

October 1 (Monday)
carpal (adjective)
Definition: having to do with the carpus (wrist) or bones of the wrist
Sentence: Strenuous or repeated use of the wrist, as in racquetball or typing, may cause carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition.

October 3 (Wednesday)
corporal (adjective)
Definition: having to do with or inflicted on the body
Sentence: Corporal punishment can cause serious bodily injury.

October 5 (Friday)
genuflect (verb)
Definition: bend the knee, as in reverence or worship; kneel
Sentence: If he had seen some of the other worshipers genuflect, he might have bent his knee, too.

October 9 (Tuesday)
gustatory (adjective)
Definition: having to do with the sense of taste or tasting
Sentence: Bernice can recognize a brand of coffee by its taste, but my gustatory sense is not so keen.

October 11 (Thursday)
guttural (adjective)
Definition: produced in the throat; harsh; rasping; throaty
Sentence: He made a guttural sound, as if he were clearing his throat.

October 15 (Monday)
olfactory (adjective)
Definition: concerned with the sense of smell
Sentence: Dogs have a superior sense of smell. Our own olfactory powers are relatively limited.

October 17 (Wednesday)
plantar (adjective)
Definition: having to do with the sole of the foot
Sentence: A plantar wart occurs on the sole of the foot.

October 19 (Friday)
sanguinary (adjective)
Definition: bloody; having to do with bloodshed; bloodthirsty
Sentence: A great deal of blood was spilled. It was a sanguinary conflict.

October 23 (Tuesday)
subcutaneous (adjective)
Definition: situated, occurring, or applied beneath the skin
Sentence: The skin was discolored but not broken; there had been subcutaneous bleeding.

October 25 (Thursday)
supine (adjective)
Definition: lying on the back, face upward
Sentence: I left the infant on his back face upward, but when I returned he was not in a supine position.

October 29 (Monday)
vascular (adjective)
Definition: having to do with, composed of, or provided with vessels that convey blood or lymph
Sentence: Some vascular surgeons specialize in removing varicose veins.

October 31 (Wednesday)
visceral (adjective)
Definition: having to do with or occurring in the viscera (internal organs, intestines, guts, etc.)
Sentence: My gut feeling was that Parker would lose the election. Several others had the some visceral reaction.

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