To prepare our WHS wildcats with the vocabulary section of the FCAT, ACT, and SAT they are presented with weekly words. Click on the month to see the words we have learned.

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May 2008
Number Words

May 1 (Thursday)
centenarian (noun)
Definition: one who is 100 years old or older
Sentence: Irving Berlin (1888-1989) became a centenarian in 1988.

May 5 (Monday)
decimate (verb)
Definition: destroy ten percent or more, or a large portion of
Sentence: In the 14th century, Europe was decimated by the bubonic plague.

May 7 (Wednesday)
millennium (noun)
Definition: 1000 years; 1000th anniversary
Sentence: Many redwood trees are more than a millennium old.

May 9 (Friday)
octogenarian (noun)
Definition: person in his or her eighties
Sentence: If she had lived two more years, Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962) would have been an octogenarian.

May 13 (Tuesday)
plurality (noun)
Definition: victor’s margin over the runner up when no candidate has a majority of the votes
Sentence: If A gets 20 votes, B 15, and C 10, A is the winner by a plurality of 5.

May 15 (Thursday)
quadrennial (noun)
Definition: occurring or being done every four years
Sentence: Our presidential elections are a quadrennial event.

May 19 (Monday)
sesquicentennial (noun)
Definition: 150th anniversary
Sentence: The Alaska purchase of 1867 will have its sesquicentennial in 2017.

May 21 (Wednesday)
treble (verb)
Definition: multiply by three; triple
Sentence: If you invest $100, you have to get back $300 to treble your investment.

May 27 (Tuesday)
triumvirate (noun)
Definition: ruling body of three
Sentence: A member of a triumvirate shares responsibility and power with two other rulers.


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