The Wildcats have clawed a victory of 66-62 out of the Cougars!

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January, Friday 23rd – The efforts put forward by the Coconut Creek Cougars were completely smothered as the Western Wildcats demonstrated great strategy and certitude in their outstanding performance on the floor. The Wildcats didn’t miss a beat as they ardently fought to maintain their lead over their opponent; their heightened efforts soon paid off as not once did the Cougars steal the lead during the game. The leading scorers for the game include Casey Lopes (#23) with eighteen points, Chris Radler (#3) with seventeen points, Jacob Nunez (#4) with fifteen points and David Lacoppola (#33) with eleven points. The coach was also recognized for having accomplished 300 wins with the team. You have done well, Wildcats, and we congratulate you on this exciting victory over Coconut Creek!


Haven McKenney, Contributor

Tatiana Correa and Cody Hilton, Photographers