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Is not easy to find the right words to express the emotions felt the last 5 days while in Washington DC.

    Months of intense preparation, the extra hours worked… came down to one day, one launch! But as they say in sports, “games are won in the practice field”.  So, I already knew I was travelling with a team of winners: the comradery between the different personalities, the effort and dedication displayed, the desired to learn and excel was evident at every practice launch at Vista View Park.

      From a teacher perspective, this is what makes it all worthwhile.

        At Washington DC, things when as expected. The team of chaperones helping the kids get the best from the experience was truly remarkable, and the interest among the students to learn not just about rockets but about their country was an inspiration! ... The time spent at the National Archives reading the captions, and asking questions impressed everyone around. The tour of the Capitol and Senator Nelson office was a repeat of the same behavior.  Such passion!

          And, what happened at TARC???

            Emotions were at a max, more so mine than everyone else… But, all 3 launches when beautifully! Two of our team made it to top 40, and were invited to launch a second time but with different specifications.  Everyone stayed together though, assisting and supporting each other.  It was a real challenge, but our kids managed it well.

              After the 2nd launch, the final results were as following:

              • Team 2 – 25th in the Nation
              • Team 3 – 30th in the Nation
              • Top 5% of participating teams accross the nation!!!


                The day was not over yet, and our kids were already discussing next year’s challenge… They are all winners!

                  Please, congratulate all of the following Rocketry students for representing Western High School with the highest level of respect, and character:

                  • Chad Wishner
                  • Lindsey Berkowitz
                  • Caitlyn Dang
                  • Andy Ontaneda
                  • Joshua Geller
                  • Jared Hurwit
                  • Marco Romano
                  • Austin Le-Forrester
                  • William Reich
                  • Hunter Ginn
                  • Brandon Young
                  • Giancarlo Cabeza
                  • Jake Ferreira
                  • Brandon Stewart
                  • Bailey Fox
                  • Dylan Davis