Holocaust Speaker shies away from no questions

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January 27th -- Listening to the somber words of Bernd Wollschlaeger was a surreal dip into one of history's most horrific events. For almost an hour Wollschlaeger shared his account of how life treated a converted Jew whose father was a tank commander for Nazi Germany. Not a moment of his speech failed to be fascinating and insightful.

"I grew up in a family of history," Wollschlaeger had said. "I was living under the roof of German history."

Wollschlaeger continued to explain his will to convert to Judaism and move to Israel without sharing the identity of his father.

His overall intentions when speaking were to inspire his audience to overcome prejudice by merely having a conversation; he hoped that people would learn to accept one another for their character opposed to their ethnicity or heritage. It is without a doubt that the audience left that day with new knowledge on life and a warning on how to prevent history from repeating itself.

Haven McKenney, Adrianna Dixon, Contributors

Sierra Urbaez, Haven McKenney, Photographers