Davie CSI Visits Ms. Keen's Forensics!

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The sight of the Davie Police’s Crime Scene Unit could only mean one thing for the excited students of Ms. Keen’s forensic science class: the CSI showcase had arrived.

Gary Cortolillo, accompanied by Christina Pitrelli, appeared before students to discern between the knowledge obtained via television shows and the knowledge obtained on the field. Through a carefully crafted slideshow, Cortolillo discussed the truth behind real crime scenes and evidence opposed to the false ideas presented through popular media.

The event, organized by school resource officer Ben Diaz, was one long anticipated by students and teachers alike. “I was excited for what they had to show us,” Matt Lau, a student of the forensic class, attended the event. “It was really interesting.”

“It’s nice to have real-world CSI technicians confirm what’s been learned in class,” Ms. Keen reported. She hopes that the news of the event’s success will spread as she wishes to attract more 11th and 12th grade students to her class and the field of forensics.

-Haven McKenney, Contributor

-Matt Lau, Photography