Congratulations to September's Senior of the Month - Nicolas Pena!

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Nicolas was honored at the September 18th Rotary meeting for being Western's Senior of the month.  Below is an introduction written about Nicolas by Ms Engestrom.

Nicolas Pena is one of the most interesting people you would ever met. With a GPA of 5.4, he is not only a science and math wizards, but he will also blow your mind with his art and ideas.
Nicolas is an avid piano player, a  frisbee aficionado and a great friend! Even though Nicolas is 17, he thinks like a mature person but he dreams like a child! He is just a joy to have around.

With 20+ awards in the Mu Alpha Theta in local regional and National competitions, this summer he was elected the National Student President of the Mu Alpha Theta. This alone will show that Nicolas not only takes his studies seriously but he also cares for others. He has the need to see the world improving and he does more than most students his age.

In addition to many community service endeavors, including helping his mom with the Tequesta Math Team, volunteer at the Young at Art museum, Cleveland Clinic, Harvest Drive, Nicolas loves to help out as a tutor after school. He is very easy to talk to so his “students” feel comfortable asking questions. It is wonderful to see firsthand how humble he is; how he treats others and how his face glows when he noticed he made a positive difference.

Nicolas wants to go to Stanford University after Western. He is still undecided about his major. When asked what classes his enjoyed the most Nicolas said:" Math and philosophy are my favorite subjects, they helped me think about basic life in the most abstract and profound ways". Nicolas is a special individual and will accomplish wonderful thinks in small and very big ways.

Congratulations again to Nicolas and his family!