Art Show

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What an amazing intelligence us humans have able to create works of Art that seemingly forms out of thin air to provoke sheer wonder, fascination, and emotion. Art that make us feel emotions we never thought were conceivable; makes us think, feel, or act differently; or simply makes our jaw drop to this floor in sheer amazement.

This, my fellow students, was evident in our own art show on January 28,2014, hosted by Ms. Fischer. Where hundreds of student have shown how they have mastered their craft and showed off their unique styles. Everything from: Realism, Surrealism, Sculpting, Ceramics, and everything in between you can guarantee that there wasn't a piece on display that didn't call your attention.

Such as the rather abstract piece created by Teddi Kaplan-“Caution man”. Now on the surface it may have seemed to be representing physical safety, as he is a wire frame man covered head to toe in precautionary police tape but in reality it a representation of growing up, while in that process losing most of your childhood wonder behind in a tightly sealed box and how society as a whole views certain activities as taboo as we slowly mature into adults.

This is why the Western Art Show is so amazing it shows just how creative and intelligent we truly are, making art that will convey their message whatever it may be and making a lasting impact on our lives and culture.

-Christian Diaz, Contributor

-Gabbi Broberg and JP Statman, Photographers