Textbook Procedures for Students

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Textbook Procedures for Students

Textbooks are handled out of the Guidance Department by Mrs. Rakestraw during the school year between the hours of 2:30 pm - 2:45 pm.

Lost/stolen Textbooks:

You do not need to pay the fine immediately to get a replacement book, just go to guidance for a replacement.  The obligation does not go into the system until the end of the year, at which time the fine must be paid.  It is possible the book might get turned in during the school year, in which case the obligation will be cleared.  Obligations for lost or stolen books must be paid unless a police report is on file with the Davie Police Department.

Students without internet access:

Although every book is online at beep.browardschools.com, students can get a textbook for classes if they do not have internet access.

Textbook Quick Facts:

* We currently have enough “take home” textbooks for all core classes except history.

* Always write your name in ink inside the front cover of the textbooks to make identification easier, especially since books can get easily switched during class and study periods.

* The barcode in the textbook will identify the student who checked out the textbook. When a book is returned it will clear the obligation for the student in the database, not the student returning the book.  This will hopefully minimize textbook theft since students cannot clear obligations unless they turn in the textbook specifically assigned to them

* Students should never leave books in a classroom.  Although teachers might offer storage of books as a convenience to students, if a book is stolen out of the classroom, the student is still responsible for the obligation.