AP Spanish Language Summer work

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AP Spanish Language Summer Assignments

Required Book:  Barron’s AP Spanish Language, 2009 6th edition   ISBN 9780764194061

  1. Use the Barron’s AP Spanish Language to complete the following assignments:

Assignment  #1

  1. Read formal(presentational) writing guidelines, pages 256-260
  2. Read and complete ”Question Two” pages 262-263. This assignment consists of two reading sources and an audio source. Then an essay must be written using the three sources of information. Specific directions are given in the assigned pages

Assignment #2

  1. Read Formal(presentational) oral presentation guidelines, pages 376-378
  2. Read and complete “Sample question” pages 378-379
  3. Prepare a two minute formal oral presentation for the first week of school.

If students do not own a bilingual (Spanish English) dictionary, they should buy one.  It is strongly suggested for students to buy a Spanish dictionary with definitions in Spanish.