AP Psychology summer work

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1)      Name four perspectives in Psychology and one famous pioneer in each. Include a famous experiment or contribution each pioneer has made.

2)      Name 5 parts of the brain and how it helps you do the following     

         a)      Survive

         b)      Remember

         c)      Critically think

         d)      Speak

         e)      Move your body

         f)       Respond to emergencies

3)      If someone were to call you “left brain” or “right brain”: which would it be and why?

4)      Name and describe 5 disorders and who is most likely to get them. Include one treatment plan for each.

5)      Name and describe four different types of therapies: how would you best treat someone with anxiety disorder/ panic disorder?

6)      Find five “interesting” (this is subjective) theories in psychology and describe them.

7)      Give four modes of memory and describe why it is that people have trouble remembering.

8)       What aids in the consolidation of memories?

9)      Name 4 personality theories and a pioneer for each.

10)   Give two examples of a personality test.