AP Chemistry Summer work

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Mrs. Susan Weiss

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Materials needed:

pencils, red, black, blue pens, highlighters, scientific calculator, graph paper, black composition notebook for labs, and a 3 ring binder with dividers (organized by unit to be graded at the end of the year.)

Summer Assignments-

  1. Download outlines and printout for Chapters 1-4, and significant figures notes  from the AP Chem page at www.sciencegeek.net
  2. Review using corresponding chapter powerpoints for Chapters 1-4
  3. Review Honors chemistry topics at www.westernchemistry.com
  4. Memorize symbols of 50 elements their charges as ions and  polyatomic ions for quiz week one
  5. Practice interactive web quizzes from www.sciencegeek.net

for Chapters 1,2 and printout

  1. Read Supplementary Study Guide Chapters 1-4-(may sign out for the summer) Review by doing some of the practice problem
  2. 7. Complete summer assignment by second day of class

Princeton review book-

Read pages 1-27, answer pages 29-33

Read pages 61-69, answer pages 70-74

Read pages 285-298

Summer assignment practice-print out and answer worksheets

online at westernchemistry.com    Weiss, AP chemistry website