What are plants?

How do plants grow?

How do plants live?

How are plants beneficial?

How plants get their color?





What are plants?


-Plants are one of the major kingdoms of living things. Plants are important to us as they provide us with food, clothing, shelter, medicines, even the air we breathe! They also beautify the earth and help other living creatures.
-So it is very important we are informed about plants and how we can help them thrive.
- The study of plants is called botany.
-Plants are also living things like you and me. Plants are actually similar to us. They get diseases, they need nutrition, and food.
-Plants have been around since the creation of Earth. Today plants exist 
-There are millions of different kinds of plants and plants are used for millions of different things.
-People eat plants, grow plants, and use plants as medicine to cure disease.