How do plants grow?

-First of all plants need soil to grow. Soil is also called dirt. 

-The soil must have a lot of minerals and nutrition in it in order for the plants to grow big and strong. 

-When a seed is placed into the soil, in a few days a plant will start to grow. Plants also need food and water to grow like you or me.


-Each plant is different in many ways. Certain plants only grow in certain places. Some plants need a lot of sun to grow and some don't.

 - Some need lots of water and some don't. Some plants can only grow in cold places and some plants only grow in warm places. 

-Plants in the wild grow on their own. 

-The plants spread with the seeds they produce. These seeds grow into new plants. 

-Some plants like a strawberry plant produce fruit, in this case strawberries. Animals come and eat the fruit and eat the seeds. When they go to the bathroom the seeds go into the ground and when it rains the seeds start to grow. Then the seeds will grow into plants and produce fruit and other animals will come and eat the seeds and the process will start all over again.