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Guidance services, which are available to all students, include individual and group counseling as well as a complete testing program. Individual conferences with students or parents are available. To arrange for such a conference, please contact the teacher or guidance counselor for an appointment. Our goal is to assist all students in reaching their full potential.  Several forms of assessment are used to measure the progress of students in Broward County Schools.


Exceptional student education programs are provided for children who are eligible according to county and state guidelines. These exceptional programs include specific learning disabilities, autism, gifted, speech and language, hearing and vision impaired, and physically impaired. Students participating in these programs have met specific requirements that were established and have an Individualized Education Plan that documents their needs and how the services will be provided. Any questions regarding ESE programs should be directed to the ESE Specialist.


 Educating our students is a team effort between home and school. Therefore, communication is an essential part of the educational process. At least two conferences are recommended each year. This is an opportunity to focus on the student?s progress and strengths as well as areas for continued growth.

 In order to give proper attention and time to parents regarding information about their child, an appointment should be made for a convenient conference time. Impromptu conferences in the hallway or at the classroom door are discouraged since this may interfere with instructional preparation or classroom activities.


 Interim reports may be sent home during each grading period. These reports will notify parents of concerns regarding academic or behavioral performance. It is important that interim reports are signed by parents and returned promptly to the teacher. Follow up conversations are encouraged if clarification is needed or if questions arise.


Pupil Progress Reports inform parents of the childÕs social, emotional, and academic progress. Every child in kindergarten through fifth grade will receive a report card every nine weeks.

 In order to receive a report card, the student must have been in attendance in a Broward County school for twenty-five days within the grading period.

 Review the card with your child, sign the envelope, and return it promptly to school. If there are any questions, parents should contact the teacher.


 Homework is an extension of the classrooms activities and reinforces the learning process. Each grade level has developed a policy that is specific for the students in that grade.

 Parents' encouragement and support are important factors related to the manner in which a child approaches homework. Several suggestions to provide a positive approach to homework are:

 o Take an active interest in what your child is doing and promote good study habits.

 o Provide a suitable place, conducive to good learning.

 o Provide for homework in your daily routine.

 o Give encouragement.

 o Encourage students to seek clarification if assignments are not understood.


 Organization and time management skills are important for students to be successful in their educational endeavors. In order to assist with these skills, students in first grade through fifth grade are required to purchase and utilize a Fox Trail Agenda Book. This is being sold by the PTSA for $3.50.