World Languages Celebration Thank You!

I want to take a minute to thank all the teachers involved in the World Languages Celebration. Without them, their effort, dedication, cooperation and hard work with the students, the Celebration would not have been possible and a total success; I don’t want them to pass unnoticed. When you see them, say Kudos too.

Mr. John Bua = Technology equipment
Mr. Daniel Bonnett = Auditorium sound and lights
Mr. Chris Letendre = TV Production filming
Mr. Dennis Pecorino = Security
Mr. Brett Williams = Horticulture decoration
Mrs. Madelaine Molinet = Spanish Club Sponsor
Mrs. Ruth Chaverra = Cumbia act
Mr. Eduardo Erazo = Latin Dance Club act
Mrs. Satoko Fisher = Japanese class and Japanese club acts
Mrs. Riva Markowitz = ASL act
Mrs. Deanne Martel = French class acts
Mr. Brandon Monse = Chorus act
Mr. Johnnie Tracey = Jazz band act
Mr. Ralph Vidal and Mr. Eric Levy = Percussion Ensemble

And to all the teachers that so enthusiastically responded and assisted to the Celebration, thanks. We are really glad that you enjoyed it.

Ms. Sivia E. Maldonado-Ortiz
Spanish Club Sponsor
Nacional Spanish Honor Society Sponsor
Western High

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