Words of the Week
October 2006
Verbs You Should Know

October 3 (Tuesday)
assimilate (verb)
(uh SIM uh layt)
Definition: to take in; to absorb; to learn thoroughly
Sentence: To assimilate an idea is to take it in as thoroughly as if you had eaten it. (Your body assimilates nutrients from the food you eat.)

October 5 (Thursday)
chastise (verb)
(chas TYZE)
Definition: to inflict punishment on; to discipline
Sentence: Mother chastised us for firing our bottle rockets through the living room window.

October 9 (Monday)
exhort (verb)
(ig ZORT)
Definition: to urge strongly; to give a serious warning to
Sentence: The coach used his bullhorn to exhort us to try harder.

October 11 (Wednesday)
incense (verb)
(in SENS)
Definition: to make very angry
Sentence: My comment about his lovely painting of a tree incensed the artist, who said it was actually a portrait of his mother.

October 13 (Friday)
malinger (verb)
(muh LING ger)
Definition: to pretend to be sick to avoid doing work
Sentence: Indolent Leon always malingered when it was his turn to clean up the house.

October 16 (Monday)
precipitate (verb)
(pri SIP uh tayt)
Definition: to cause to happen abruptly
Sentence: The police were afraid that arresting the angry protesters might precipitate a riot.

October 23 (Monday)
sequester (verb)
(si KWES tur)
Definition: to set or keep apart
Sentence: Juries are sometimes sequestered during trials to prevent them from talking to people or reading newspapers.


October 25 (Wednesday)
transcend (verb)
(tran SEND)
Definition: to go beyond or above; to surpass
Sentence: The basketball player was so skillful that she seemed to have transcended the sport altogether; she was so much better than her teammates that she seemed to be playing an entirely different game.

October 27 (Friday)
usurp (verb)
(yoo SURP)
Definition: to seize wrongfully
Sentence: The founder’s scheming young nephew usurped a position of power in the company.

October 31 (Tuesday)
vindicate (verb)
(VIN duh kayt)
Definition: to clear from all blame or suspicion; to justify
Sentence: George, having been accused of stealing money from the cash register, was vindicated when the store manager counted the money again and found that none was missing after all.

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