Words of the Week
August 2006
Adjectives You Should Know
August 15 (Tuesday)
ardent (adjective)
(AHR dunt)
Definition: passionate; enthusiastic
Sentence: Larry’s ardent wooing finally got on Cynthia’s nerves, and she told him to get lost.

August 17 (Thursday)
definitive (adjective)
(di FIN uh tiv)
Definition: conclusive; providing the last word
Sentence: The army completed wiped out the invaders; its victory was definitive.

August 21 (Monday)
irrevocable (adjective)
(i REV uh kuh bul)
Definition: irreversible
Sentence: His decision not to wear a Tarzan costume and ride on a float in the parade was irrevocable; there was absolutely nothing we could say or do to make the actor change his mind.

August 23 (Wednesday)
kinetic (adjective)
(ki NET ik)
Definition: having to do with motion; lively; active
Sentences: Kinetic energy is energy associated with motion. A speeding bullet has a lot of kinetic energy.
Kinetic art is art with things in it that move. A mobile is an example of kinetic art.

August 25 (Friday)
magnanimous (adjective)
(mag NAN uh mus)
Definition: forgiving; noble in spirit; generous
Sentence: The boxer was magnanimous in defeat, telling the sports reporters that his opponent had simply been too talented for him to beat.

August 28 (Monday)
prolific (adjective)
(proh LIF ik)
Definition: abundantly productive; fruitful or fertile
Sentences: A prolific writer is a writer who writes a lot of books. A prolific artist is an artist who paints a lot of pictures.

August 30 (Wednesday)
tantamount (adjective)
(TAN tuh mownt)
Definition: equivalent to
Sentence: Yvonne’s method of soliciting donations from her employees was tantamount to extortion; she clearly implied that she would fire them if they did not pitch in.

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