Words of the Week -

May 2007
Words of Beginning and Ending

May 1 (Tuesday)
coup de grace noun
Definition: decisive finishing blow
Sentence: The challenger had the champion on the ropes again and again but could not administer the coup de grace.

May 3 (Thursday)
demise noun
Definition: cessation of existence; death
Sentence: New York City has witnessed the birth and demise of many newspapers.

May 7 (Monday)
genesis noun
Definition: origin; coming into being
Sentence: How did the fight start? What is the genesis of the quarrel?

May 9 (Wednesday)
initiative noun
Definition: ability to begin and follow through without being urged; enterprise
Sentence: She likes to take the initiative in planning class projects.

May 11 (Friday)
maiden adjective
Definition: first; earliest
Sentence: The vessel is nearing completion and will soon be making its maiden voyage.

May 15 (Tuesday)
preamble noun
Definition: preliminary statement or event; introduction
Sentence: A preamble stating underlying principles precedes the body of our Constitution.

May 17 (Thursday)
rudiment noun
Definition: first principle that must be learned; fundamental
Sentence: How can you get to the finals if you have not yet learned the rudiments of the game?

May 21 (Monday)
swan song noun
Definition: farewell appearance; final creative work or performance
Sentence: Tonight’s speech by the mayor will be her swan song; the new administration takes over tomorrow.

May 23 (Wednesday)
tyro noun
Definition: beginner in learning something; novice; neophyte
Sentence: These critical times require an expert at the helm, not a tyro.

May 25 (Friday)
ultimatum noun
Definition: final, uncompromising demand or offer, leading to serious consequences if rejected
Sentence: The director sent the actor this ultimatum, “If you miss another rehearsal, you will be dropped from the cast.”

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