Words of the Week

April 2007
“Living” Words
April 10 (Tuesday)
biocidal adjective
Definition: destructive to living organisms
Sentence: No fish can live in rivers and lakes contaminated by heavy discharges of biocidal wastes.

April 12 (Thursday)
biopsy noun
Definition: removal and diagnostic examination of bits of tissues, cells, or fluids from the living body
Sentence: A biopsy will be performed to determine whether the lump is malignant or benign.

April 16 (Monday)
expatriate noun
Definition: one who lives in a foreign country
Sentence: When war threatens to break out in a foreign country, most of the expatriates who live there return to their homelands.

April 18 (Wednesday)
reclusive adjective
Definition: solitary; living in seclusion, apart from others; like a recluse
Sentence: Why do you live by yourself, without a telephone, away from family and friends? Do you enjoy being reclusive?

April 20 (Friday)
reincarnation noun
Definition: rebirth of the soul in another body after death, as in some religious beliefs; new embodiment
Sentence: Some believers in reincarnation think the soul passes into another human body after death; others say it is embodied in a nonhuman species.

April 24 (Tuesday)
resuscitate verb
Definition: revive from apparent death; restore to life
Sentence: to resuscitate a victim of cardiac arrest, emergency measures should begin without a second’s delay.

April 26 (Thursday)
troglodyte noun
Definition: (literally, cave dweller) person living in seclusion; recluse; also, anyone who behaves like a caveman
Sentence: Sam stayed in a cabin in the woods by himself, emerging about once a week to do some shopping; he lived like a troglodyte.

April 30 (Monday)
vita noun
Definition: brief outline of one’s life and experience; short autobiographical sketch; resume
Sentence: Applicants for the position were asked to submit a vita and three letters of recommendation.

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