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The March 7th meeting of the School Advisory Council was called to order by Chair Bardetta Haygood at 3:07 P.M. in room 208 at the main campus.

Present: Bardetta Haygood-SAC Chair, Pedro Pera-SAC Co-Chair, Becky Hahn &endash; Secretary; Staff:, Phylis Pechter, Margarite Kirschner, Vicki Reis, Dawn Bronstein, Robert Abels, Declain Lyons, Jacqueline Lowe, Susan Safra, K. Manno, Linda Morrell, Karen Siegel, Venis Wilder, Pam DeLucia, Diedre Wilson, Alex Vlachakis. Students: Matt Haber; Kathleen Callgeras; , Lorena Bustamante, Joe Polido; Parents: Rachelle Haber, Frances Kerry; Administration: Frances Bolden-Principal, Shawn Cerra-AP.

Packets containing minutes from the January meeting, January & February budget reports, three resubmitted A+ money requests, mid year Mentoring report, Technology report, and Early Release day schedule were distributed. Also distributed were draft copies of the Needs Assessment surveys for students, parent, and teachers; and a list of staff and persons to serve on the writing team.

Bardetta reported on February 21st meeting and stated that since there had not been a quorum present, then no official business was conducted and no minutes were taken.

The minutes of the January meeting were read and approved.

SCHOOL RECOGNITION FUNDS: Current balance of A+ monies is approximately $48,000 which contains the $30,000 for the after school program. Bardetta said this leaves about $18,000 to spend but that until she can meet with the budget keeper, and make certain that no outstanding balances need to be taken out of this, she does not want us to approve any further spending at this time.

Don Terry's proposal of $944 for cameras was tentatively approved, providing funds are available.

Ms. Rothstein's proposal for $ 7,127 worth of equipment was again tabled until it can be made clear that the proposal is for both Ms. Rothstein and Mr. Howard combined equipment needs.

Ms. Nalven's proposal for a $620 video camera was tabled. Becky Hahn stated she has a hand held video camera that has been used in her animation classes for the past six years that she no longer needs due to the new equipment she has just received. Becky will turn this camera in to the media center and it will be checked out to Ms. Nalven for her class.


Smaller Learning Communities: Pam DeLucia reported on the purchase of the "Good News" postcards and the career cluster video being made to allow the 9th and 10th graders to know what electives are available and what pre-requisites are needed for them. She also reported on the upcoming observation by Federal Grant people to see what we are spending our grant on, this date is scheduled for April 22nd. The School Board has hired a FAU Professor to audit our administration of this grant as well. There will also be teacher-training funds available in the amount of $21,000 and $11,000 to hire experts from various fields to do the training. Pam is looking for a suggested date for this to take place.

Mentor Report: A written report was distributed. Karen Siegel reported she still has a couple of mentors available.

Reading: Didi reported that the Saturday school enrollment is increasing. The 9th, 10th, and Main campus are preparing for the FCAT testing and are distributing lists to faculty.

Technology: A written report was distributed. Dawn Bronstein reported that the new Gradebook server was just installed. It should be up and running soon. The county is doing a survey of our equipment to see if we are up to their specifications. We now have a site license for Filemaker Pro so anyone who needs it can have it. Arnie Moore's request of technology funds was adjusted down from over $2,000 to just $850. Dawn said the balance of the monies will be used to upgrade our computers to Office 2000 or 2001.

Budget: Two written reports were distributed. Marguerite Kirschner reported that current balance is $25,000. Two requests were submitted to the committee and both were recommended. The SAC committee approved both requests.

Math: No meeting had been held.

Block: No report.

2002-2003 SIP: The writing team will meet on April 10th at the Weston Regional Health Park which had been secured by M. Daquin. Lunch will be at the Sport N Brew at the participants' expense. The writing team list was reviewed, Ms. Safra and Joe Polido, a student, asked to be included on the list.

Mrs. Bolden reported on a Principal's meeting she attended. Summer school may possibly be held the three weeks prior to the beginning of school next year, and if so, it would only be for those students in the 20th percentile or lower. She also shared that there may be some teacher training monies available from the country

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Hahn

1200 SW 136th Ave
Davie, Fl 33327