Habitats R Us


Their are Reptiles, Mammals, Birds, , Fishes in rainforests all over the world.
African Rainforest Elephants-They are the world largest animal. They weigh up to 10,000pounds and grow to 12 feet tall.


The Indian Rainforest Bengal Tiger
The base color is orange/brown, and white on the cheeks, mouth, eyebrows and stomach. It also has long black stripes on it. The weight of the tiger can be up to 575 pounds. It's not the biggest tiger in the world. It lives in the suburban regions of India.
The Amazon Rainforest Chimpanzee- They are about 3 to 5 feet tall and weigh from 99 to 176 pounds. They have black hair. Adult are very often bald, usually a triangle on the for head of the male, and more complete baldness in females. Infants have pink faces which turn darker with age.Chimps are on the endangered species list. There may be as many as 35,000 chimps in the wild, but destruction of their habitats, hunting and commercial trapping for the animal trade had reduced their population.


The Indonesia Rainforest Common Palm Civet- It weighs 4 to 11 lbs. It's body length is 17 to 28 inches, and a tail length of 16 to 26 inches.
The Southeast Asian Dawn Bat- Is small and has a long and slender shout which give them a dog- like appearance.
The Amazon Rainforest Golden Lion Tamerin- Is one of the most endangered mammals in the Worlds. This monkey is nearly extinct primarily because of its mane. They have Strawberry blond hair.
The Amazon Rainforest Harpy Eagle- It weighs 18.4 lbs. The female harpy eagle is larger then the male. Their feathers are slate- black above and white to light gray underneath.The harpy eagle is an endangered species. The major threat is loss of habitat from clear cutting, destruction of nesting sites and shooting. Harpy eagles need large tracts of forest to hunt in. Most forests have only one nest every 10 or 15 miles. Each nesting pair has a single chick every two to three years. With such a low density of harpy eagles and their low rate of reproduction, even the smallest pressure on their hunting abilities eliminates them from an area.


The Amazon Rainforest Linne's Sloth- Is a gentle animal.
The Amazon Rainforest Vampire Bat- looks sort of like a pig with fangs and large pointy ears.
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