Broward County Public Schools named Western High School Principal Scott Fiske as the 2008 ACCLAIM Award winner at an event held on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at the Signature Grand in Davie. Western High School's Scott Fiske is a 17-year educator and has served five of those years as principal of Western High. Under his leadership, Western’s graduation rate increased by 33.6%, to 89.8% in just two years. Enrollment in advanced placement and upper level math courses also increased significantly. It is no surprise that in 2006, Fiske was one of 15 principals in Florida to receive the “Turn Around Principal Award” for increasing his school’s letter grade from a C to A. Fiske supports the view, ‘that effective schools are a part of the larger community.” Western has also developed several partnerships that have had a big impact on its community. It is little wonder that, under his leadership. Western High School has received a number of prestigious awards including the Five Star School Award, the Golden School Award and the Silver Award. Fiske has also implemented a number of innovative academic/non- academic programs. One academic program, the 9th grade academy, is a ‘school within a school.’ In this small school setting, the lowest performing 9th graders receive remediation. This program is successful, as attendance has increased by 47% and the numbers of Ds, Fs and incidents of discipline have decreased significantly. Fiske is the consummate professional and has been aptly described by the Harvest Drive Founder as, “a man of excellence who goes beyond the call of duty.”

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