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Community Explanation of Superintendent Selection Process

The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) notified districts today of an imposter Web site that is taking advantage of parents possibly misspelling the Internet address for the FCAT Parent Network. Parents should note that the correct address for the FCAT Parent Network is: . Parents should also note that they will be routed to the wrong web site if they accidentally type “www.fcatparentsnetwork.com”.

This type of false web site is called an imposter domain, which is also known as a “typosquatter.” The website has links that appear to link to official FCAT information, but all links on this web site are false. The creators of typosquatters take advantage of someone misspelling an Internet address, so they can post ads and paid links to which they hope to direct unsuspecting users.

FDOE is requesting our assistance in communicating information regarding the imposter Web site to parents. The attached letter from FDOE may be used to notify parents. You may elect to use other means that you feel are effective and appropriate for your population.

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