This year's Spirit Week dress up days are:

Monday (10/19)-
Hippie Day
~Let the spirit of peace and love continue in 2009. Wear your tie-dye and peace signs!

Tuesday (10/20)-
Tacky Tourist Day
~Dress up for the sight seeing tour in your best Hawaiian print shirts and Fanny Packs!

Wednesday (10/21)-
Class Color Day
~Wear your class color and be ready to cheer on the Wildcats at the Pep-Rally!
Seniors: Black & Gold
Junior: Red
Sophomores: Blue
Freshman: Green

Thursday (10/22)-
Board Games Theme Day
~Dress up as Characters from your class' board game.


Homecoming 2009 "Living in the Game"

Homecoming October 24

It is being held at the Habor Beach Marriot in Fort Lauderdale. Students that do not drive their own vehicle must arrange a ride to the hotel. For students who do drive their own vehicle, it is suggested that they valet for seven dollars. However, if they do not wish to valet, they can self park. The directions to the hotel are:
             1. Take I-595 East to US-1 N (exit 12B)
             2. From US-1, turn right on SE 17 Street. 
             3. Continue on SE 17 street and turn right on Holiday Drive. 
             4. Go one block to the stop sign and make a right.
             5. At the next stop sign, make a left and the self-parking garage will be at your immediate left. The convention entrance is just past the      parking garage where you can be dropped off or valet your vehicle. The price for parking in the garage or vale is seven dollars and is not included in the price of the ticket. You will be responsible for paying for parking if you are bringing your own vehicle.
             6. If you decide to park in the parking garage, you should walk out of the entrance of the parking garage and turn right to the convention entrance. 
             7. Once you enter the hotel at the Convention entrance (not the main lobby), take the escalator on the left, which will lead you to the ballroom. 
             8. Remember to bring your ticket and a picture ID to be admitted into the dance. 
             9. All students must arrive by 9:00 p.m in order to be granted admission to the dance. 

Hall Decorating October 16

On the evening of October 16, students from each class will decorate their specified hallway in anticipation for Spirit Week and Homecoming. The hallways are to be decorated to go along with the specific board game each class chose (Seniors- Candy Land/ Juniors- Monopoly/ Sophomores- Life/ Freshmen- Clue).  If the students don't complete their hallway that night, Ms. Young said that the school would be open from 7 a.m to 12 noon that Saturday. 

Spirit Week October 19

Next, the week of October 19 is Spirit Week. During that week students will dress up as that particular theme for the day. On October 19, it is hippie day, October 20 is tacky tourist day, October 21 is class color day, and on October 22, it is the board game theme day. There is no school on Friday.

Pep Rally October 21

On October 21, during fourth period is the Pep Rally. We are planning on hiring a DJ, or if possible, a student DJ with the right equipment. In order for students to attend the Pep Rally, they have to fill out the purple permission slip completely, and bring in at least four cans to the ticket booth. All the cans are going towards the Harvest Drive. 

Homecoming 2009 Pictures Coming Soon

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