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 Career Clusters

Linking Learning to Life


Goal: To give students a realistic look at career opportunities, and to help them transition toward the opportunities in a purposeful way.

Technology will change many of the ways we currently work. Being able to compete in a highly technical world and one's willingness to adapt to constant change will be the benchmark of success. Lifelong learning will be a necessity for the workers of the 21st century. Though high school may be last formal site of education for some, most will pursue additional schooling through technical schools, community colleges or universities.

Research says that 70% of the career titles we now use will not exist in five years, but identifying areas of interest will always be appropriate. The Career Cluster Model allows students to focus on their highest interest areas and enroll in courses relevant to their interests. The five areas of interest, or Career Clusters, are Medical, Public and Human Services; Arts and Communications; Engineering and Manufacturing; Business and Marketing; and, Horticulture and Environmental Sciences. Each student is assisted in the development of a personalized plan that charts a course of academic and extra-curricular pursuits relevant to his or her identified area(s) of interest. The courses can lead to direct job entry, technical school, or university training. While taking these courses, the student may also participate in enrichment activities such as: field trips, mentoring, job shadowing, internships or on-the-job training. 

 Medical, Public and Human Services

Government service, teaching, the health fields and tourism are perhaps the most rapidly growing fields in South Florida. All require workers who are skilled in meeting and communicating with others.

 Career Opportunities: Medical Careers, Child Development, Legal Careers, Psychology, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Education, Food Production and Service, Parks and Recreation, Travel and Tourism, Government Service, Economists, Clergy, Counselors, Media Specialists, Urban Planning

 Curriculum Areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Family and Consumer Sciences, ROTC, Health Occupations

Arts and Communications
Communications is a varied field that includes print journalism, television/radio/film, and other media. New technology has created opportunities for working with the World Wide Web, computer animation, graphic design, etc. The arts are both design/production oriented and performance-based.

 Career Opportunities: Drama, Music, Dance, Radio/TV Production, Film Making, Fashion Design, Public Relations, Journalism, Interior Design, Computer Animation, Graphic Design, Jewelry Design, Photography

 Curriculum Areas: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Art, Drama, Music, TV Production, ROTC

Engineering and Manufacturing

Engineering is problem solving through the application of mathematical and scientific principles. Scientific discoveries are linked to commercial application. Manufacturing meets the needs of people by producing the goods one desires to make life easier.

Career Opportunities: Aerospace, Architecture, Drafting, Building Construction, Automotive design and repair, various fields of Engineering, Computer Programming, Food Production Technology, Surveyors, Systems Analysts, Equipment Operators, Machinists, Welders, Truck Drivers, Mechanics, Appliance Repair

 Curriculum Areas: Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts, Technology Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, ROTC

Business and Marketing

A variety of careers make up the business cluster. Examples range from the retail clerk to administrative assistants to management positions. Marketing brings knowledge of products and services to the consumer.

 Career Opportunities: Real Estate, Finance, Business Administration, Management, Court Reporting, Accounting, Marketing, Insurance, Labor Relations, Office Systems Technology, Human Resources, Banking, Advertising, Buyers, Sales Agents, Clerks

 Curriculum Areas: Language Arts, Social Studies, ROTC, Mathematics, Business, Marketing, Cooperative Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Technology Education

Horticulture and Environmental Sciences

Horticulture is the growing, cultivation and maintenance of plants. It can include farm production, ornamental tree, plant and flower propagation and turf management. Agribusiness deals with the sale of plants and food products. Environmental Science involves the use of materials from the ground as well as the protection of the land.

Career Opportunities: Landscape Architect, Nursery Worker/Manager/Owner, Forestry, Turf Manager, Biotechnology, Oceanography, Veterinary Medicine, Floriculture, Fish and Wildlife Management, Geologist, Mining Engineering, Meteorologist, Conservation, Hunter/Trapper, Resource Management.

Curriculum Areas: Science, Language Arts, Social Science, Mathematics, Business, Food and Consumer Sciences, ROTC

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Davie, Fl 33327