Art Club

The Art Club meets on Wednesday afternoons from 2:30 PM until 4:00 PM in room 323. Anyone with an interest in art can join.

Western High School's Art Club consists of students who enjoy doing art work! Members can earn service hours by doing art - IMAGINE THAT!

Last year members painted a trailer at Tree Top's Park to look like a train (photos attached) and earned over 100 service hours. They did such a great job, Joe DiMaggio Hospital has contacted me and wants the Art Club to return and repaint all the buildings in "Safety Town", an area used by elementary students to learn the safety rules of the road.

also include fund raising for charity, painting local business windows for the holidays, participating in the City of Weston's Holiday festivities, as well as any projects the members themselves come up with. The first meeting will be held on August 30th and elections of officers will take place then.

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