What parents and students need to know!

Dress Code
ALLOWED - Backless shoes for students in grades 6-12. 

NOT ALLOWED - Backless shoes for students in grades K-5.  Though not required, the District strongly suggests that, for safety reasons, parents of elementary students purchase closed-in shoes, such as sneakers.

ALLOWED - Unhemmed clothing for students in grades K-12.

NOT ALLOWED - Suggestive, revealing or indecent clothing IS NOT permitted.  This includes, but is not limited to, clothing that exposes private body parts and/or displays pictures or words that have a sexual connotation for students in grades K-12.

NOT ALLOWED - Belts, bracelets, wallet chains, collars with spikes, or heavy link chains that may cause injury for students in K-12.

Hours of Campus Supervision
School campuses are regularly supervised 30 minutes prior to the official school start time and 30 minutes after the official closing time.  Activities that are school-sponsored are supervised per the time of the activity for students involved in the activity.

Patterns of Non-Attendance
Schools will be looking at students for early signs of truancy when they accumulate more than 5 days of absence from school without acceptable documentation.  Absences include missing school all day and/or missing school part of the day (being tardy, being signed out early).  It is SO important for students to be in every class every day.

Make Up Work
Regardless of the reason, students will be able to make up work for their absences.  It is critical that students remain current with their classroom work in order for them to be successful in the learning process.

Tardiness and Class Attendance
Students who are tardy to school and have a valid reason (illness, illness of an immediate family member, death in the family, required court appearance, schedule doctor or dentist appointment, etc./refer to p. 10 of the Code of Student Conduct) should bring a note with   them,  specifying the reason for the tardiness, and check in at the designated area of the school and then report immediately to class.

Weapons Policy Changes
Toy guns are considered a weapon and should not be brought onto school campuses. Any tool or instrument used in a threatening manner will be considered dangerous and will result in suspension.

These new rules will help you and the District better ensure a safe and productive school year. 

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