AP Studio – Summer Assignments 2009 - Rebecca Hahn, Instructor

Summer 2-D or Drawing assignments to choose from:

1. explore 1, 2, and/or 3 point perspective doing a futuristic cityscape

2. a drawing of your worldly possessions coming to life, animate them ie. Your alarm clock with legs tip toeing out of your room.

3. a self portrait of yourself doing a imagined activity that holds special meaning; have a dramatic lighting situation.

4. a self portrait depicting an expressive mood that you have be in; rage, glee, panic etc.

5. a still life with reflective surfaces glass, shinny cans or any aluminum, don’t forget to include what they are reflecting. Eggs, cans, crumpled paper, fruit on drapery are some examples of what could be included in your still life

6. a mythical event – animals, computers, flowers, etc., revolt against mankind; make a convincing illustration of the event

7. a landscape drawing showing variable line thickness and at least five values. (Use line, stipple, crosshatching, squiggles, or other marks to show value.)

8. use of negative space. Pretend (or really do it) that you are looking through the slats of blinds, prison bars, or looking through the slats of a chair. Concentrate on the positive images behind the slats. Remember the slats are to be considered negative space

9. magnify a metallic object. Zero in on a section of a metallic object, such as a close-up part of a bike, motorcycle, spoons, eggbeater, etc. Make use of hard-edge metal reflections and cast shadows.

10. self-portrait: This is a project about visual texture reflecting upon yourself as an artist and a person. Combine the following elements in a collage to create an interesting composition. They may be actual objects, or you may render (to represent; depict; specif., to make a drawing of in perspective) them and then place them in the composition. a. A photo of you at any age alone or in a group b. Actual texture of some kind. A texture that means something to you. c. Something that casts a shadow in low relief. d. Symbols of interest: Sports letter, newspaper clipping, concert tickets, etc. It can be 2 or 3 dimensional.

11. draw a self-portrait from an unusual angle. Work from life by sitting in front of a mirror and use natural daylight or a lamp to create a strong light source (you may even use a flashlight held from below). Use pen and ink, charcoal, or fine-line marker. Fill up the space with the figure. You may use props like hats, glasses, scarves, etc. if you wish.

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