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From the Registar

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Senior Exam Schedule

From the Brace Advisor

Senior Class Meetings are Tues. after school in Room. 210


Post Your Senior News here see Mrs. V Room. 202

Senior Video

The senior video is a gift to all seniors and it is distributed at the Senior Breakfast in June. We would love to include many pictures with ditterent people, so please do not hesitate to turn yours in! In order to make it a success, pictures need to be handed in as soon as possible. The limit is 5 per person. Please hand them in to Mrs. MacNeill (RM. 216), Mr. Cox (RM. 210) or to any of the class officers. Put your name on the back of the picture and number them (example 2 of 5)

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Financial Information

Seniors attending four-year or two-year colleges or universities, or those who will be attending techinical schools, should be filing financial aid forms (FAFSA) at this time. Each post -secondaty institution has priority deadline for receiving this information, so students should be chekcing with their colleges to confirm the individual deadlines. The FAFSA forms can be obtained in Western's BRACE office. It is the student' responsibility to Apply for Bright Futute Scholarships On-line, this year. The website is: wwww.floridastudentfinancialaid.org to qualify the student must apply.

Financial Aid Workshop:

Tues. Feb. 5 at 6:30 in the Media Center

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Scholarship Information

Each month, the Brace Scholarship Bulletin is published for seniors. The bulletin is available in the BRACE office, and applications for the scholarships, advertised on the bulletin, can be obtained there, as well.

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Senior Class Flower Sale

Feb. 14th

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Graduation Announcements & Cap & Gowns' meeting

Herf Jones willnot be coing again to measure for Cap & Gown.
If you need to contact them you can do at (954) 384-7292

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Date & Time: June 13 at 7:00pm

Location: National Car Rental Center

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Senior Awards Night

Date & Time: coming soon

Location: WHS auditorium

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Senior Breakfast

Date & Time: coming soon

Location: WHS Main Campus

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From the Brace Advisor

Seniors who have not visited with Mrs. Williams, BRACE advisor, to finalize thier college or technical school plans, should make an appointment, as soon as possible, to met with her. Many colleges admission deadines are about to pass, don't be left behind. BRACE NEWSLETTER.

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Don't forget to turn in documentation of your service hours as well as your reflection paper to Mrs. nolan! Due date is May 17th. You will not graduate without completing these requierements.
Every Senior will receive 6 tickets for Graduation. If additional tickets are neede, write a letter to Mrs. Bolden stating how many and the reason, and turn it in to Mrs. Nolan in the Guidance Office.

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2002 AP Exam Schedule
Week 1
Morning Session
Afternoon Session
Monday, May 6

English Literature

German Language

Tuesday, May 7

Calculus A/B

Art History

Calculus B/C

Wednesday, May 8

Spanish Language


French Literature

Thursday, May 9

English Language


Computer Science A

Computer Science AB

Friday, May 10

United States History

European History

Studio Art

Week 2
Morning Session
Afternoon Session
Monday, May 13



World History

Tuesday, May 14


Physics B

Physics C

Wednesday, May 15

Government & Politics

Government & Politics



Thursday, May 16



Music Theory

Friday, May 17

Latin: Literature

Human Geography

Latin: Vergil

Spanish Literature

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Senior Exam Schedule by Period
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Graduation Tickets:

TICKETS FOR GRADUATION. Every senior will receive 6 tickets for graduation to share with their families. The senior graduating does not need a ticket. A letter requesting additional tickets should be addressed to Mrs. Bolden, but sent (or faxed 370-1649) to Pam Nolan.

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From the Registar:

Transcripts are not automatically sent out. They must be ordered.If you have been accepted to any college or continued education program after graduation, please be sure to order a final transcript form the office of the Registrar. Transcripts are $1 per copy. This also applies to NCAA Clearing House applicants. Forms will be available in the BRACE office, Media Center, Student Affairs, and Guidance. Please remind any early grad you may know. Best Wishes for a Happy Life!!!

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1200 SW 136th Ave
Davie, Fl 33327