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About the WHS Networking Academy

Our Networking Academy (sponsored by Cisco Systems,and
other community companies) is designed to prepare our students
to enter the Information Technology (IT) job market and pass
their CCNA certification. The Academy also offers internships opportunities with affiliated
IT companies.

Semester Information

6 Networking classes are offered in our Western High School Networking Academy
• Semester 1- Introduction
• Semester 2 - Routers
• Semester 3 - Switches & Routers
• Semester 4 - WAN components
• Semester 5 - Internship
• Semester 6 - Internship or CCNP course work


Semester Syllabus

-- Semester 1 Syllabus
Module 2 Powerpoint Presentation

-- Semester 2 Syllabus

-- Semester 3 Syllabus

-- Semester 4 Syllabus

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