Dear 2008-09 Advanced Placement English Literature Students,

Congratulations! On the basis of your writing ability and your standardized test scores, you have been identified as one of Western High School’s finest English scholars. As such, you have been enrolled in AP English Literature and Composition for 2008-09. In addition to co-authoring an AP prep book, I have been reading this examination for the College Board since 1988, and I will share with you the knowledge I have gleaned at these national readings and mostly, from teaching AP English since 1984. Through the rigor of AP English, you will sharpen your writing skills, reading ability, and analytical thinking. It will be possible, based upon your exam score, to earn up to six college English credits.

Although the class will require hard work, it will also be filled with the pleasure that derives from a sense of achievement and excellence. During the semester, we will be reading, analyzing and writing about some of the world’s finest literature and poetry. As a result, you will further develop your understanding of and appreciation for these timeless masterpieces.

In order to prepare, please read the following works during the summer. Read them carefully, underlining and making comments as you read. Look for symbols, themes, important quotations and character traits. Even if you have already read these books, please re-read them. You will just have one week per book when we start the year to read these and thus prepare yourself for the essays, tests and discussions that will follow; it would be wise to have done this already.

The Catcher in the Rye-Salinger From the King James Bible, (the most
Lord of the Flies -Golding poetical)-Genesis and Matthew-see
Brave New World -Huxley opposite side for assigned stories.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: the entire Bible, Old and New Testaments
Edith Hamilton’s Mythology

Thomas Jefferson said, “I cannot live without books.” This will be our AP credo. Have a great summer, seniors, class of 2009!

Mrs. Mary Bevilacqua, AP English Literature teacher

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