Networking 3 Class

Instructor: Mrs. Vlachakis

Chapter 4 Study Guide Semester 3


The first step in designing a LAN is to establish and document the goals of the design. What following 4 requirements tend to show up in most network designs:






To design LANs for high-speed technologies and multimedia-based applications, network designers should address the following 4 critical components of the overall LAN design:







Servers can be categorized into two distinct classes: _____ servers and ______ servers.


Intranet Web systems, Domain Name System (DNS) and E-mail are services that everyone in an organization would need because it is a centralized function. These kinds of services belong on an __________server. These servers should be placed in the ______ distribution facility (MDF).


Workgroup servers should be placed in ______ distribution facilities (IDF) closest to the users accessing the applications on these servers.


Within the MDF and IDFs, the Layer 2 LAN switches should have ____ Mbps or more allocated for these servers.


New desktops and servers should be outfitted with ____ Mbps Ethernet network interface cards (NICs) to provide the most configuration flexibility, thus enabling network administrators to dedicate bandwidth to individual end stations as needed.


You should decide carefully on the selection and placement of networking _____ to be used in the LAN in order to decrease the collision detection and media contention on a network. This reduction in bandwidth can be remedied by segmenting the network by using ______, ______, or _______.


Layer 2 (the data link layer) bridges or switches can be used to segment a logical bus topology and create separate ______ domains, which results in more bandwidth being available to individual stations.


A _______ domain is everything associated with one port on a bridge or switch. In the case of an Ethernet switch, also known as a collision domain.


For a LAN to be effective and serve the needs of its users, it should be designed and implemented according to a planned series of systematic steps, which include the following:






The first step in designing a network should be to gather data about the organizational structure.


You need to answer the following questions:


Availability measures the usefulness of the network. Many things affect availability, including the following:





Another component of the analysis phase is assessing the user ______. A LAN that is incapable of supplying prompt and accurate information to its users is of little use.


The major pieces of a LAN topology design can be broken into three unique categories of the OSI reference model:





The _____ cabling is one of the most important components to consider when designing a network.


List the two most recommended types of cabling to use below.




The overall structure of the Layer 1 cabling media follows the TIA/EIA-___-A standard for layout and connection of wiring schemes.


Most network problems are caused by Layer ___ issues.


Whether you are designing a new network or recabling an existing one______ cable should be used in the backbone and risers, with Category ___ UTP cable in the horizontal runs. The cable upgrade should take priority over any other needed changes.


The _____ diagram is the network topology model without all the detail of the exact installation path of the cabling. It is the basic road map of the LAN. Elements include:


The ____ is the central point in the LAN for traffic destination.


After you have developed the IP addressing scheme for the customer, you should document it by site and by network within the site. A standard convention should be set for addressing important hosts on the network. This addressing scheme should be kept consistent throughout the entire network. By creating ______ maps, you can get a snapshot of the network. Creating physical maps of the network helps you troubleshoot the network.


Which device is one of the most common layer two devices?

Active Hub

LAN switch

Passive Hub



A broadcast domain is everything associated with one port on what device?

Active hub





A bandwidth domain or collision domain is everything associated with a port on what device?

Active hub






Network traffic problems can be generated by ___________.

Client/server applications

Host/terminal applications

Routing protocols

All of the above


The use of bridges and switches for segmentation results in _______________.

A larger overall network

Multiple broadcast domains

Multiple collision domains

Single collision domains


In a star topology using CAT 5 cable, what is the catchment area?






By creating multiple wiring closets, what else is being created?

Multiple broadcast domains

Multiple catchment areas

Multiple collision domains

Multiple LANs


In a pure LAN switch environment what is the size of the collision domain?

All hosts

Four hosts

The number of hosts in the broadcast domain

Two hosts


Routers provide ____________ between VLANs.


Frame tagging

No services

None of the above


How do Routers allow for segmentation of the network?

Collision domains

Logical segments only

Physical and logical segments

Physical segments only


The MDF to IDF cabling should be _________________.




Fast Ethernet


VLANs provide ________________ and security.

Broadcast containment

Decreased security

Larger broadcast domains

Physical networks