October 19, 2004

The October 19th meeting of the Western High School's School Advisory Council was called to order by Chair Deb Moeller at 3:00 PM in the media center. Copies of the previous meeting's minutes were distributed and reviewed. The minutes were approved as read.


Voting Members:

Chair &endash; Deborah Moeller

Vice Chair &endash; Amy Eisenberg

Secretary &endash; Rebecca Hahn

Principal- Scott Fiske

STAFF: Colleen Borden, Mike Conti (BTU), Denise Kunz, Linda Morrell, Tarik Smith


PARENTS: Tina Bajger, Debra Miller (ESE), Jacquie Cotugno, Irene Denoncourt, Marcy Fallahzadeh (ESOL), Bill Lucado, Barbara Messina

COMMUNITY: Sheri Werbin (SAF)

STUDENTS: Zack Fleisher, Nikki Pye

Others present:

Administration: Janice Gilbert, Hattie Giles

Parents: Ana Briceno, Phyllis Koren, Denise Rakestraw,

Students: Mario Escalante,

SAF Report:

Sheri requested that AP scores be placed on students transcripts. There were 40 module units scheduled for Broward County but were moved to Pt. Charlotte due to the hurricanes. Policy 6001 changes were distributed. A SAFE team has been established and the members are: Scott Fiske, Monti Escabi, Ray Winus, Alex Cabreara, and Officer Tarala. "Silence Hurts" posters have been requested. The 24 hour number to report bullying is 754-321-0911. Drug kits are to be distributed to all schools, these are to be used to swipe book bags and a spray will detect the presence of drugs. Office Depot will reimburse the school 5% if you tell them to contribute to Western High School when you make purchases. The next SAF meeting is 10/28/04 at Plantation High School at 7 PM.


Additions to the composition report: Mike Conti as BTU representative; Mary Jo Adair as non-instructional; Judy Paul &endash; Community liaison; Mario Escalante, a student; and Marcy Fallahzadeh as our ESOL representative.


The By laws changes recommended are as follows:

Article III: Membership, Section 3: to read 2 years.

Article IV: Officers, Section 2: to read May meeting

Article IV: Officers, Section 3: to read 1st meeting



Nikki Pye announced the Homecoming activities for the week.

Mr. Fiske announced that we had three choices for our graduation ceremony based on the size of our graduating class. He said we have 428 seniors and our choices were:

1. Western High School's auditorium

2. War Memorial Auditorium

3. Broward Center for the Performing Arts

He also reported we have three possible dates, our first choice is May 28th, second choice is May 29th and our third choice is May 31st. The only Saturday, May 28th, has two times 2 PM or 7 PM. All other dates are week days and the time would be 7 PM. Western has requested Saturday, May 28th at either time. The District will let us know what date and time we have been assigned.

Thursday, May 26th will be the last day for seniors.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned. The next South Area Advisory Council meeting will be 8:30 AM at Indian Ridge. The next School Advisory Council meeting will be Tuesday, November 16th at 3 PM in the media center.


Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Hahn, Secretary

Western High School