Bring in Business Cards
For Make a Wish Foundation

August 8, 2005

Dear Friend:

The Make a Wish Foundation has asked us to participate in a request that a business card from your company be sent to Craig Sheppard at the following address:

Craig Sheppard
C/O Make a Wish Foundation
300 E. Perimeter Center
Atlanta, GA 30346

Craig is a seven year old boy with a brain tumor. He has very little time to live. He contacted the Make a Wish Foundation expressing his desire to have his name in the the Guiness Book of World Records for collecting the most business cards.

We are proud to be apart of Craig's wish list. Please submit only one card from your company. Then, re-type this letter on your company letterhead and send it to 20 businesses of your choice.

Time is of the essence.

Please join us and together we can make Craig's wish come true. To keep this letter from reaching the same businesses, those already contacted are attached. Please include your list of businesses that you have contacted.

Steve Dischiavi, MPT, ATC, CSCS
HEALTHSOUTH Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation