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FCAT's are March 11-18
Are you ready?

Plan to attend Western's
after school tutorial service
at the Main Campus Media Center
Monday - Thursday 3 p.m.- 5 p.m.
Sat. 8 am - 12 pm

Important Dates:

Febraury 12, 2002 10th Grade
FCAT Writing Assessment

Febraury 21, 2002
FCAT Seminar at 6:30 PM Main Campus

March 11-15, 2002
9th & 10th Grade FCAT Reading & Math Exam

Tips to Help Prepare for the TEST:
  • Rest well the night before each day of testing.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast, you need food for thought.
  • Wear comfortable clothing on each day of testing.

About Cats for Cats Tutorial Services

This program is fully staffed by teachers who provide one-on-one assistance as well as small group instruction each afternoon. Students who attend the after school program also have the opportunity to build their reading skills and practice for FCAT on the more than 30 computers located in the media cednter. Students who attend 4 consecutive sessions and receive services for a minimum of one hour each day are eligible for rewards from local businesses who support our efforts to provide expanded services for our Wildcats!

CATS for CATS Assessment is looking for help in funding their program!

At WHS student achievement is our top priority, and the after school tutorial program is a key component in making sure that our students excel academically. We are asking your consideration and help in funding this program. Your monetary gifts and or donation of goods and services will be used to provide incentives for the students who receive tutoring. If you or your company would like to help please contact Mr. Cerra at the 10th grade site.



1200 SW 136th Ave
Davie, Fl 33327