A letter regarding safety and security in our school's
from our superintendent, Frank Till.

February 27, 2003

Dear Parents,

As our country enters into military action over seas, it is important for you to know that the District places the high priority on the safety and well being of your child(ren). We understand that you're concerned about how international events will affect our school. Please be assured that my staff and I, your principal, District administrators, school police and security personnel have developed school safety plans that spell out actions to be taken to ensure the safety of our student s and locations.

The District is in constant communication with local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities. We are an integral partner in Broward County Anti Terrorism Committee and the Southeast Region 7 Anti-Terrorism Task Force, and we continually receive updates from all emergency response agencies so we can make well- informed decisions regarding safety measures at our schools.

Currently, the Department of Homeland Security has set our nation's Alert Level to Orange or High. Please know that at his time, there NO CREDIBLE THREAT to our schools. Broward County or the South Florida area. While we are closely monitoring the situation, our school is currently operating under normal conditions.

Should our nation's Alert Level be raised to Red, or Severe, the following procedures will be taken:

(1) If there is NO specific or imminent threat within Broward County:

- Schools will remain open

- Normal student drop off and pick up procedures will be followed

- School campuses will be in a "limited lock down," which means:

- During the school day, only parents and visitors with appointments will be allowed onto school campus.

- Parents wishing to sign their child out of school will be directed to a location on campus &endash; other than the front office &endash; where they MUST provide photo identification

(2) If there is an imminent threat in or near Broward County:

- Possible cancellation of all extracurricular activities, leased events and community school

- Possible cancellation of all pre-school and aftercare programs

- Possible cancellation of all vendor services

- Schools will remain open but will be in a "limited lock down" (see above)


** If the threat warrants a school to go into FULL LOCK DOWN, the following procedures will be implemented**.

 - NO VISITORS, including parents, will be allowed onto any school campus

- Each school has identified an "off-site" location where parents are to go to get information. For our school, the off campus locations is 9th Grade: Oscar Wind Park, 200 N. New River Circle, Sunrise. MAIN CAMPUS: Boys & Girls Club, 1350 SW 130 Ave., Davie, FL


We understand that during a crisis you may want to remove your child from school. However, if a school is placed under FULL LOCK DOWN, it will be done to ensure the safety of all the children. That is why we will not allow any visitors onto the school's campus.

Further, any decision to cancel school will be done after consultation with law enforcement authorities to determine the nature and level of the threat. If we receive any information that requires action, be assured that my staff and I will implement our safety plan quickly and effectively.

Finally, the District has excellent working relationships with all local media outlets and will use them to provide updates and information as it become available. In addition, the District's Rumor Control Hotline (954-765-7005), Website () will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

In these trying times, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we all work to keep our schools, students and staff as safe as possible.


Frank Till

Superintendent of Schools