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SAC Minutes

November 16, 2004 meeting:

Pending Approval

School Advisory Council


The November 16th meeting of the School Advisory Council was called to order by Chair Deb Moeller at 3:07 PM in the media center. Copies of the minutes of the previous meeting were distributed. A correction in the minutes was made to change Phyllis Koren from PARENT to STAFF. The minutes were approved as corrected.



Voting Members:

Chair: Deb Moeller

Vice Chair: Amy Eisenberg

Secretary: Rebecca Hahn

Principal: Scott Fiske

STAFF: Colleen Borden, Mike Conti (BTU), Denise Kunz, Linda Morrell, Tarik Smith


PARENTS: Tina Bajger, Debra Miller (ESE), Jackie Cotugno, Irene Denoncourt, Marcy Fallahzadeh (ESOL), Bill Lucado, Students: Zac Fleisher, Nikki Pye

COMMUNITY: Judy Paul, Sherri Werbin, Sylvia McGinley

Others Present:

Staff: Grell Ferdinand, Dierdre Wilson

Parent: Denis Rakestraw

Administration: Denise Jones

South Central Area Report: A handout on "AVID" was distributed. A guest speaker was at the SC Area meeting and gave a talk on this program. The Brace office provided handouts for each grade level. Updated information on Bright Futures scholarships was distributed. The possibility of requiring signatures on interims was discussed. At the Boundary meeting there were no proposed changes for next year. Also the articulation process may be changed, early release days may be eliminated and staff training may take place on alternating weekly "late arrival" days. Nothing has been decided at this point.



Budget &endash; Linda Morrell and Denise Jones

FCAT &endash; Colleen Borden and Amy Eisenberg

SACS &endash; Becky Hahn and Tarik Smith

SLC/SC- Mike Works is administrator in charge.

Grell Ferdinand presented a proposal to host a "Career Week" in late January or early February. He conducted a survey of the students and found that the majority of 9th grader's were interested in the medical field. He will present a written proposal at the next SAC meeting. Dierdre Wilson said last year 85% of the incoming 9th graders indicated career choices.

Technology &endash; Arnie Moore

New Business: A discussion was held regarding adding several new committees. Consensus was to add a Needs Assessment Committee (Denise Kunz, Linda Morrell); and a 5 Star Committee (Denise Rakestraw, Debra Miller, and Hattie Giles). Mary Jo will post a request for faculty and staff to submit thank you letters, pictures, certificates, publicity, etc. to be included in the 5 Star.

It was discussed that training should be held for parents on using the computer to access student grades, Virtual Counselor, and the Western website. Parents will be invited to attend the evening meeting of the SAC Committee, scheduled for January 18th, 7 PM, in the Media center.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:02 PM. The next SAC meeting is scheduled for December 21st, in the Media center. This will be a joint meeting including SAF. The time has been changed to 12 Noon. Lunch will be provided.

Sylvia McGinley was added to our voting members as a community representative. Welcome, Sylvia.

Respectfully submitted,


Rebecca Hahn, NBCT

Recording Secretary