Calendar Year 2003-2004


NOVEMBER 25, 2003

The meeting was called to order by Chair Deb Moeller at 3:02 PM in the Media Center. An attendance sheet for both SAC and SAF was passed.


Faculty: Bob Abels, Colleen Borden, John Bua, Rebecca Hahn, Denise Kunz, Jackie Lowe, Beatrice McMillion, Deborah Moeller, Linda Morrell, Tarik Smith, Diedre Wilson

Administration: Scott Fiske, Denise Jones, Hattie Giles

Parents: Irene Denoncourt, Bill Lucado, Arnie Moore, Brenda Gilbert, Marcy Fallahzadeh,

Students: Jillian Lozada, Nick Lucado, Holly Greenberg, Hollanda Iwanski, Morvarid Fallahzadeh

Community: Judy Paul, Sheri Werbin

The minutes of the previous SAC meeting were distributed via email and Deb Moeller provided copies for those who requested them. The minutes were approved.

Sherry Werbin reported on the last SAF meeting. A copy of the agenda was distributed. A Gang awareness seminar was presented at the last meeting. The holiday pies were discussed for PI Day and the Spring Luncheon was discussed. Requests received from teachers for volunteers and help with copying were discussed. Proposed high school scheduling plans were discussed. PE/recess for the secondary level was discussed. Proof of residency needs to precede the 20 day count was passed and will move to next level. A Multi-cultural panel was set up. Guidance reported that WHS will be at Indian Ridge to discuss potential classes with 8th graders. SAF bylaws need to be approved. Copies of the proposed bylaws were distributed. Dr. Wilson hosted the first Annual Parenting Seminar "Making Financing Count" to support SAF.

Deb Moeller distributed copies of the AYP. Included were the methods for determining adequate yearly progress. Student attendance is also factored into the AYP. Absent students on test days will count against us, and students can make up the test. Mr. Fiske explained that to pass the AYP requirement, we must test 95% of all students identified in the sub groups. This does not included gifted or hospital homebound students. If a school is a Title One school then the government will begin to address disbursements of dollars. Flamingo Elementary is the only school in our zone that met the AYP qualifications.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: Linda Morrell reported that there have been no disbursements and the budget is the same as last month. The only money that has been spent was approximately $800 which was approved at the last meeting. Accountability funds will be used to pay the faculty doing the McRel training and the Saturday FCAT classes.

FCAT COMMITTEE: For the March FCAT a math packet was prepared for 9th and 10th students by Linda Morrell. The Intensive Reading teachers have been using FCAT materials and published materials. Saturday morning camp will be available to all; 9th and 10th grades and Juniors and Seniors who have not passed the FCAT, beginning in January 2004.

SAC COMMITTEE: Mr. Smith reported materials have been delivered to Mrs. Hahn's office and that he and Becky will begin to go through all the paperwork and sort and file it.

SMALLER LEARNING COMMITTEE: Ms. Paul met with Mr. Fiske and discussed doing a Career Day with a Career Fair in the spring. Ms. Paul researched available funding through Children's services. They have under utilized funds and need creative ways of applying for them. Work Force One also has money that we may tap into. Ms. Paul has details, if interested please contact her.

TECNOLOGY COMMITTEE: Arnie Moore reported on two technology meetings held. Technology proposals will be presented at the next SAC meeting. He stated that we need to set a direction for Western High School, and several two-three year plans were put together to help us build our technology in one direction.

SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT GOALS: Mr. Fiske requested that we come up with suggestions for goals to include iin our SIP plan to improve western high school in addition to the standard ones. The goal must be measurable, and this year we can gather some base line data in order to have a measurable goal. Several people made possible suggestions as to what these goals might be and Mr. Fiske said he also had some ideas but will hold off presenting them until the next meeting.

NEW BUSINESS: Ms. Paul reported that through the Davie Police Dept there are two good seminars &endash; one on Internet Safety and one on Internet predators. A Parental Internet Safety Monitoring software packet is also available. A new middle school is needed in Davie and the site committee has preliminarily chosen a site elsewhere. Mr. Fiske said that perhaps a better forum for this item would be the SAF meetings where more parents of younger children are present.

MEETING SCHEDULE: December will not have a 4th Tuesday, so the next meeting could be moved to the third Tuesday on December 16th. Holly Greenberg moved that we cancel the December meeting. Dr. Wilson seconded. Consensus approved.

IIn March or April the meeting will be the third Thursday instead of the fourth Tuesday. The January meeting will be on Tuesday, the 27th.

Mr. Fiske announced that we received the results of the National Board, Mr. Kennedy and Ms. Nalven have become Western High's two newest National Board Certified Teachers. The Drama department will be putting on a play on "Crazy for You ". The chorus will have a holiday show on 12 /10. Benchmark testing will be next week, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. WHS exceeded the county guidelines by at least 10 points.

Mr. Fiske announced that the two new portables will be open on Monday, December 1st.

Holly moved that meeting be adjourned.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Hahn, Recording Secretary