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American Sign Language Club &endash; 2004-2005

Meeting Days: Every other Thursday after school

Cara Mendez

Vice President
Kim Cucci

Recording Secretary
Natalie Felipie

Corresponding Secretary
Amanda Grosswald

Deborah Walters

Ananda Eidelstein

ASL Board Assistant
Sarah Andreolas

Club Sponsor
Riva Markowitz

About ASL:

Members of the Western High School American Sign Language Club work hard to dispel the myths surrounding deafness, deaf culture and American Sign Language on and off campus.

A "Deaf Awareness Program" is set up every year in March. During this time students place posters around the school, make announcements twice a week, show educational videotapes twice a week, participate in educational field trips, and visit classes to promote awareness.

Another goal is to help less fortunate deaf children in our community. To achieve this, the club participates in meaningful local projects and school activities. The Western High School American Sign Language Club hold fund-raisers for many other worthwhile deaf causes as well, such as sending gift certificates to needy deaf children during December and participates in fund raising activities to help the Deaf and handicap in our community.

Another goal for the ASL Club is to promote literacy among the youth in our community by reading to young children while teaching them basic signs.

ASL Club members participate in a pen pal program where they write back and forth to deaf and hard of hearing students in Broward County. This helps us to bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing as well as to continue to promote literacy.

Last but not least, the ASL Club hopes to instill both respect and a positive attitude for ASL and The Deaf Community by helping to educate peers at Western High and our community.